The Vet MINDS Group

The Vet MINDS group is a closed facebook group for veterinary professionals affected by infertility and baby loss. It stands for Miscarriage, Infertility, Neonatal Death and Stillbirth, and was co-founded by Nat in 2019. You can find the group here

It offers a private space for friendship, support and understanding from people who understand the specific challenges of facing these issues as a veterinary professional. As well as providing support, the group serves to create a voice and a platform to start breaking down the silence around babyloss, and work together towards positive change.

Our Goals:

  1. To provide support and understanding
  2. To raise awareness and help break the silence around baby loss and infertility in the veterinary profession, and beyond
  3. To work together to influence positive change in the veterinary community

The Pin Badge Project

As a private group, we have already formed a close and supportive community. But as part of our goals, we want to raise awareness and start the conversation in the wider veterinary community. This is where the idea for the Vet MINDS pin badge was formed.

To show our support for Baby Loss Awareness Week (9th-15th October) we have created a Vet MINDS pin badge. We hope that by wearing one, it will stand as a symbol that we are comfortable to talk about the tough stuff and show our support to our colleagues during a week that may bring up difficult emotions. You do not have to have been directly affected by baby loss to wear one, your support means the world to those of us who have.

In recognition of the strength required to simply wear one, the cost of the badges (including posting them out to you) has been covered by a veterinary organisation, to show their support.

If you would like a badge, simply click the link at the bottom to fill in your name and address, and we will send one to you. It is yours to wear in whatever way is right for you – whether that is privately, publicly or you feel able to share it on social media.

We have 50 badges on order to begin with, and will do our best to get them out to everyone in time for BLAW 9th-15th October.