Setting Goals at the End of the Triathlon Season

If you’ve followed me for a while, you’ll know I’ve dabbled in triathlon before. I’ve enjoyed writing a series of comedy blogs detailing my adventures in each one, from walking in the bike section (click here to read this one) to getting chased by a dog on the run (or here for that one)!

I’m so excited to have become an ambassador for Flare Clothing, a new brand of active wear designed by women, just for women. Their ethos is completely aligned with mine, as it is all about encouraging women to find the confidence to get more active and try sports like triathlon. Confidence is a huge barrier for getting women into sport – it’s been a big thing for me – and so they’ve designed us some beautiful kit to help. I’m a little bit obsessed with active wear, but partly because wearing nice kit helps me feel good, and that confidence helps me get out the door and do it.

Their passion and love of triathlon wore off on me, and I started to wonder what I could achieve if I really trained. Initially I felt disappointed to find myself setting this new goal right at the end of the season. It felt like I’d found it just as it was all over. But I realised actually this is the perfect time. The off season is where all the training happens.

One of my big motivators was finally cracking the barrier I’d put on myself: “I will never do an open water swim”, and realising I love it. Even though I’m petrified of lake creatures, reeds, and I’m rubbish at swimming! To combine something as exhilarating as open water swimming, with the empowerment of achieving something you never though you would, is an incredible feeling. I wrote about how it felt that first time in this blog. I realised it opened up a whole new section of events that I’d discounted before: The Open Water Triathlon.

Without further ado, here is the Big Goal for 2020: Blenheim Triathlon – with a big scary lake swim – on the 30th April! And I herby pledge that there will not be a comedy blog following it!

I’ve decided to write this today to mark the beginning of the hard work. It will always be my message that you 100% don’t need fancy gear to get active – I did my first triathlon in breaststroke, in my swimming costume, on a mountain bike. But it’s also nice to treat yourself sometimes, and give yourself a helping hand. So the other way I’ve marked the beginning of this new goal is with a present to myself..

My first road bike. As I said, I’m fairly motivated by pretty things! She is both pretty, and petrifying. But thankfully the cleats are still in the post, so I’m yet to fall flat on my face. Send me tips on a postcard for not dying when they arrive! I’m looking forward to joining some local group rides now I have half a chance of keeping up, and hopefully picking up some tips (and some cake, I think that’s the point of group rides).

I’ve also joined Bingham Triathlon club (and made Tom join too), so we’ll be swimming weekly with them. Previously I’ve not made much progress because I find lengths on my own so boring, but an hour swimming with a group flies by.  In coach Pete’s words I was “swimming like a T-Rex”. There’s already been significant improvements – I’ve progressed from dinosaur to dog, and I’m hoping the next step will be triathlete.

So here’s to the next adventure, and to refusing to place boundaries on yourself. Ever thought “I could never do a triathlon”? I promise you, you can. Give it a tri!

The team at Flare Clothing have given me a discount code to share with you all, to give you 10% off all their lovely stuff (like my coral cycling jersey!). It’s 10THISVETRUNS and you just pop it in the promo box at checkout.

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